ABS Shoring is the industry sort after construction company that has trained and experienced workforce, and appropriate equipment to handle projects ranging in scope from drilling, caisson, excavation, foundation and tiebacks, while placing emphasis on timely project completion with focus on both quality assurance and budget optimization. ABS Shoring never shies away from projects with extreme topographies and low accessibilities. Starting from proposal submission to project completion, ABS Shoring ensures that thorough industry best practices are followed with strong reference to government approved specifications for each project. ABS clients are always treated with utmost respects; their requests and feedbacks are constantly attended to with no delay. Client’s satisfaction ranks utmost on ABS’s daily priority list, because ABS wants its clients to get values for their investments.


ABS Shoring works to create a well-rounded service to our customer by ensuring every client’s request is met, and construction project handled is delivered with timeline well followed while quality not compromised.

Our Values

  • We respect and listen to our customers; this guarantees their satisfactions.
  • We empower our associates to make decisions that improve their working         experience, benefit our clients and our organization
  • We ensure timely completion of projects handled
  • We follow due safety procedures and standards to ensure excellence in projects’ completion.
  • We follow government’s specifications and requirements per project to ensure no delay occurs with project’s completion